Nashville, Tennessee

Places to go: The Parthenon
Places to park a bus: The Parthenon

Tennessee is absolutely nuts. First we see a pyramid with an Egyptian-style statue out front in Memphis (which, admittedly, was the name of an Egyptian city). Then we find out there's a large-as-life concrete replica of the Parthenon in Nashville.

Not exactly a replica: the Parthenon in Tennessee is built to appear as the Parthenon might have looked back in 500 b.c.e. Or whenever those mighty Athenians were erecting such lofty temples.


Bus parking is right out front; best spot on the lot. And not a bus in sight, even on Labor Day Weekend. Of course, we did get there after 5:00pm, so we did not get to go inside to see the 42" gilded statue of Athena.

By the way, Nashville, if you are going to put a sign on the freeway that says "Parthenon, Next Exit" then you might also consider putting a sign at the end of the exit ramp that tells potential visitors which direction they should go!

The Parthenon is in Centennial Park. Take exit 1a off I-440 and head east on Murphy, which should immediately connect with West End Road. Centennial Park is a few more blocks and on your left, across the street from Vanderbilt University. You can't miss it (unless, of course, you head west off the freeway)!

While we were there, Chris and Flaster discovered the secret resting place of Jimmy Hoffa. The evidence is overwhelming:
Jimmy Hoffa's Grave: (394K)

We were also there during The Nashville Shakespeare Festival, also in Centennial Park. Chris really wanted to go see the play, but no one else wanted to.